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MRO Services

Moog is capable of overhauling and repairing a number of components from various aircraft. Click on a link below to view our capabilities list by national stock number or platform.

Repairs by NSN
Repairs by Platform

Modifications and Upgrades

Moog strives to continuously improve the reliability and maintainability of hardware in the field based on our customers’ feedback. We provide modifications and upgrades to do just that.

Reliability Enhancements - Technology Insertion

As aircraft around the world continue flying beyond their intended design life, there is a great need for new technology and reliability enhancements to offset the high costs of maintaining these aging systems. Moog can apply advanced technology to the aging systems to decrease operating costs and extend the life of the aircraft.

Obsolescence Management

When legacy aircraft platforms have obsolescence issues with parts or suppliers that are no longer in business, they are often very difficult to overcome. Moog has the ability to solve your obsolescence problems by your deadline with ease.

Advanced Surface Repair for Corrosion & Manufacturing Defects

Moog uses Cold Spray as an innovative method of repair and overhaul. Cold Spray is a metal powder spray process that builds back metal surfaces and does not induce thermal stresses into the parent material. The Cold Spray process can repair existing assemblies instead of buying new, thereby reducing lead time and life cycle costs. v

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